Women’s Denim by 3×1

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The denim dilemma for women becomes a whole lot easier thanks to 3×1 high rise skinny jeans, where the quality of the products is guaranteed. It will be hard to find a pair of denim jeans that are more comfortable than those made by 3×1. The secret is in the care and attention put into each pair of jeans. All the jeans made at 3×1 are produced on site at the store in Soho, New York City. One talented pair of hands works all day long on a single pair of jeans. Because the same person sees the clothing through from start to finish, it means that attention is paid to detail and pride is taken in the work. The motto of quality over quantity is certainly true for the jeans made at 3×1.

There are many clothing options for women at 3×1. All your style needs will be met with the cleverly designed clothes by Scott Morrison. Thanks to the quality of the fabric and the care in manufacturing, clothing by 3×1 are versatile and have a longevity that won’t be found in other products.

Find out more information on the women’s range of clothing from 3×1 here. Additionally, have a look online at www.3×1.us to find out more about sizing ranges and style guides.


Core Collection

As the name suggests, these are the type of clothing you want as a classic staple that will make you feel great and complement any outfit you own.

– W3 High Rise Channel Seam Skinny Black

– W2 Mid Rise Skinny No. 3

– W2 Mid Rise Skinny Black Shredder

– W3 High Rise Channel Seam Skinny Aspro

Fringe and Fray

A little cheeky fray adds some character to a standard pair of jeans. There is some fringe and fray from 3×1  to suit anyone and add a cool, casual look.

– W3 High Rise Straight Authentic Crop Camden

– W2 Mid Rise Skinny Black Fade

– WM3 Crop Fringe Stella

– W25 Crop Baby Boot Alpha

– WM3 Crop Fringe Mulberry

– Asymmetrical Fringe Skirt Chief

– W25 Crop Baby Boot Siros



The best quality and ultimate comfort awaits in the jeans on offer from 3×1. There is a variety of colors and styles up for grabs so you’ll certainly find something to match your style.

– W3 High Rise Straight Authentic Crop Ace

– W2 Mid Rise Split Bell Crop Stanley

– W25 Crop Baby Rainbow Stripe

– W2 Split Seam Bell Tres

– W2 Mid Rise Skinny Nobu

Dresses and Jumpers

Clothing from 3×1 has you covered from top to bottom with their stylish, comfortable, and quality dresses and jumpers, such as the following.

– Off the Shoulder Jumpsuit with Undone Hem Noir

– Long Sleeve Keyhole Dress Obi

– Fringe Shirt Dress Marine

– Fringe Shirt Dress Private